Site Tour

Discover new innovations, create meaningful dialogue and get inspired by participating in an off-site field trip and technical tour. See first hand how others in the mining industry are improving methods, overcoming obstacles and reaching operational goals.

ME Elecmetal Duluth

Monday, April 17, 2023 | 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Price: $65.00

The ME Elecmetal Duluth foundry produces abrasion resistant castings used in mineral processing and crushing. With a capacity of nearly 40,000 tons per year, the Duluth foundry utilizes the vacuum molding process to produce castings up to 90 inches in length and 10,000 lbs. This unique molding process provides for excellent surface finish and tight tolerances on castings, as well as reduced emissions and waste. Melting operations utilize three electric arc furnaces, and pouring utilizes bottom-pour ladles to ensure clean castings. Heat treatment operations are tightly controlled and all castings are tracked through the entire production process to ensure all quality requirements are met. Finally, castings are finished and 100% inspected before shipment to customers. ME Elecmetal has an integrated ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 9001 Quality management system.

Attendees should wear pants and close toed shoes. Hard hats, safety glasses, and vests are provided by the facility.

Tour Schedule:

  • 8:00 meet & leave ITMEC
  • 9:30 arrive at ME
  • 2 hours for touring
  • 11:30 leave ME
  • Arrive back by 1:00PM


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